We’re so excited to introduce you to GPL Kit – The ultimate WooCommerce Plugin manager. We’ve been working hard to improve your WooCommerce experience and provide the ultimate solution to manage, install and update over 200 WooCommerce plugins.

The GPL Kit plugin manager can be installed just like any WooCommerce/ WordPress plugin and will open up your website to install over 200 of the world’s most popular WooCommerce plugins directly from your dashboard.

Our monthly membership allows you to install over 200 WooCommerce plugins and recieve automatic plugin updates the same way any of your plugins update.

We’ve seen this done before! There is a lot of websites that claim to offer a cheap and easy alternative for installing WooCommerce plugins on your website. But, the one thing they forgot was a seamless experience through your dashboard and the benefits of automic updates.

No more Downloading a plugin from a repo, deactivating the current plugin, uploading the new version via FTP and activating the plugin again. Once you have installed the GPL Kit plugin and activated your license, you can install any plugin through your dashboard and as soon as an update is available you will be notified the same way you always have.

To see a list of all the plugins GPL Kit has available to install, check out the plugins page and see what GPL Kit can offer you.